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About Steel Dust Recycling

The SDR Alabama site – in the middle of a growing steel-making region – is strategically placed to reduce transportation costs for nearby EAF steel producers.

The SDR plant utilizes a Waelz Kiln to reclaim zinc and other metals from EAF dust. While not a new technology, the Waelz Kiln process is the primary metals reclamation process that has proven economically sound for processing steel dust waste.

The Steel Dust Recycling plant consists of a conditioning, blending and pelletizing facility for the EAF dust to be processed, a Waelz Kiln for processing the steel dust, storage and loading facilities for products to be sold, and the latest environmental control systems. The facility is located on 66 acres near Millport, Alabama. The SDR site has direct access to four major rail carriers and is near multiple Interstate highways.

Developed in 1910, the Waelz Kiln is a proven technology for high-temperature metals recovery (HTMR) of EAF waste. The result is more highly concentrated zinc oxides which are used as raw materials for zinc smelters. While many other technologies have been successfully tested for processing steel dust, none have proven as economically feasible as the Waelz Kiln process, which remains the best demonstrated available technology for recycling steel dust.


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